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Our high temperature coating materials on the basis of boron nitride are outstanding release and lubricating agents for the coating of high-grade steel forms, ceramic forms and alumina fiber paper for the glass area. Their application with glass bending and lowering (slump) both in the industrial area as well as in the glass studio permit fast and economic operation, since these coatings indicate very good service lives.The usual prefiring of kaolin slurries is omitted. These coatings are environmetally safe formulations based on water and can be applied like house paint by brushing or spraying.

Boron Nitride Coatings  for bending and lowering glass can be used up to 700°C with the use of usually glasses in the fusing area. The viscosity of the chosen glass should be in the range of 8 - 10 dPa·s. Boron Nitride Coatings contain "white graphite" and show very good separation effects and very good thermal shock characteristics.
Boron-Nitride-Coating Grade A
Boron-Nitride-Coating Grade C
ALU-STOP BN-A Boron Nitride Aerosol

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