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VII. Phosphates, Arsenates, Vanadates
Mineral Chemistry
Adamite Zn2[OH|AsO4]
Annabergite Ni3[AsO4]2·8H2O
Apatite Ca5[(F,OH,Cl)|(PO4)3]
Autunite Ca[UO2|PO4]2·10H2O
Brazilianite NaAl3[(OH)2|PO4]2
Carnotite K2[(UO2)2|V2O8]·3H2O
Chalcophyllite (CuAl)3[(OH)4|(AsO4,SO4)]·6H2O
Descloizite Pb(Zn,Cu)[OH|VO4]
Erythrite Co3[AsO4]2·8H2O
Liroconite Cu2Al[(OH)4|AsO4]·4H2O
Lithiophilite LiMn[PO4]
Mimetite Pb5[Cl|(AsO4)3]
Monazite Ce[PO4]
Olivenite Cu2[OH|AsO4]
Purpurite (Mn3+,Fe3+)[PO4]
Pyromorphite Pb5[Cl|(PO4)3]
Tarbuttite Zn2[OH|PO4]
Torbernite Cu[UO2|PO4]2·10H2O
Turquoise CuAl6[(OH)2|PO4]4·4H2O
Tyrolite CaCu5[(AsO4)2|CO3|(OH)4]·6H2O
Vanadinite Pb5[Cl|(VO4)3]
Variscite Al[PO4]·2H2O
Vivianite Fe2+3[PO4]2·8H2O
Volborthite Cu3[VO4]2·3H2O
Wavellite Al3[(OH)3|PO4]2·5H2O

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