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ALU-STOP LC25 boron nitride coating for highest performance
for aluminium, magnesium, zinc and lead 
yields non-wetting, lubricating surfaces 
for ladles, troughs, dies, thermocouples, ingot moulds 
contains "white graphite"

ALU-STOP LC25 Boron-Nitride-Coating is special coating for the non-ferrous metal casting and is characterised by a very high content of boron nitride. Thus ALU-STOP LC25 Boron-Nitride-Coating shows a very good non-wetting behaviour against Al, Mg, Zn and Pb as well as their alloys. It is an ideal high temperature release and lubrication agent for the coating of ladles, troughs, distribution troughs, moulds and protects these efficiently against attacks by aggressive melts.  The use of ALU-STOP LC25 Boron-Nitride-Coating on Wagstaff™ Casting Systems is described in its own data sheet. For high performance the concentrate ALU-STOP LC15 Boron-Nitride-Coating is available. For standard applications the ready for use suspensions ALU-STOP LC10 Boron-Nitride-Coating and ALU-STOP LC5 Boron-Nitride-Coating are used. As an abrasive resistant version the ALU-STOP HC Boron-Nitride-Coating can be made available.


Resuspend coating prior to use and dilute with distilled water if necessary. 
Application on clean surfaces is possible by painting or spraying. Best results may be achieved by spraying onto warm surfaces (50-150°C, 122-302°F).
Dry thoroughly. Do not contact wet coatings with metal melts. Additional layers may be applied after drying. 
Best performance of  ALU-STOP LC25 Boron-Nitride-Coating is achieved by thin coatings (up to 50-150µm). Thick coatings may crack during use.
Do not damage coating during use because damaged areas are not sufficiently protected.
Tools may be cleaned with water.

ObenStorage-Container Size

ALU-STOP LC25 Boron-Nitride-Coating must be protected against frost. A storage temperature of >5°C (>41°F) is recommended. The containers should be kept closed. ALU-STOP LC25 Boron-Nitride-Coating is available in 6kg-containers.

ObenSafety Advices

ALU-STOP LC25 Boron-Nitride-Coating contains water and is free of solvents. According to data available to us ALU-STOP LC25 Boron-Nitride-Coating is a non-hazardous preparation. An EC material safety data sheet is available. 

ObenTechnical Data

Colour white
Ceramic constituent Boron nitride
Binder Alumina
Solid content (Boron nitride) 25%
Density (g/cm3) 1,20
pH  2,5-3,5
Application temperature (max.) 1000°C (1832°F) (at air)
  1800°C (3272°F) (under inert gas)

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