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Our high temperature coatings based on advanced ceramic materials (boron nitride, zirconium oxide, yttrium oxide) essentially find application when casting non-ferrous metals. Due to its excellent high temperature characteristics (non-wetting and lubrication properties) and chemical stability these products are superior to conventional products, for example on the basis of graphite and talc.

Boron Nitride Coatings are used when casting aluminium, magnesium, zinc and lead. They contain "white graphite", produce non-wetting and lubricating surfaces and prevent efficiently adhering or sticking of melts. Due to their very good separation efficiency boron nitride coatings are used for coating moulds and dies in gravity and low pressure die casting as well as for casting of ingots, e. g. as used in the magnesium remelting plants of Rauch Fertigungstechnik, Austria. Automatic ladles are coated with boron nitride coatings in the area of pressure die casting. Further they find application with the continuous casting, for example with Wagstaff Casting Systems.
ALU-STOP BN-A Boron Nitride Aerosol
ALU-STOP LC25 Boron-Nitride-Coating
ALU-STOP LC15 Boron-Nitride-Coating
ALU-STOP LC10 Boron-Nitride-Coating
ALU-STOP LC5 Boron-Nitride-Coating
ALU-STOP LC25 Boron-Nitride-Coating for Rauch Fertigungstechnik remelting plants
ALU-STOP LC25/LC15 Boron-Nitride-Coating for Wagstaff Casting Systems
ALU-STOP HC Boron-Nitride-Coating

Graphite Coatings are used as a high temperature release agent for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, if good release characteristics are required and good adhesion to metal mould is demanded. Graphite shows high thermal conductivity. Due to the high oxidation capability graphite coatings should be used under protective atmosphere or inert gas only.
Graphite Aerosol GS

Zirconium Oxide Coatings apply with ferrous and non-ferrous melts, in particular when pouring very pure melts. They are usable up to 1900°C and are available with stabilized and non-stabilized (monocline) zirconium oxide. Zirconium oxide coatings are suitable for coating ceramics, fiber ceramics, graphite and metals.. 
Zirconia-Coating ZR-A
Zirconia-Coating ZR-M
Zirconia-Coating ZR-O
Ceramic Coating LE

Yttrium Oxide Coatings show an extremly good thermodynamic stability against many highly reactive melts, for example titanium in investment casting and therefore can be used for casting high purity metals and alloys. They are suitable for the coating of fiber ceramics, graphite and metals and are applicable to 2200°C.
Yttrium-Oxide-Coating YO-G

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